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Areno Fitness & Challenges App Latest Version 2023

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Are you Really busy enough that you don’t get the time to improve your health and fitness? Yes, we know that it’s all because of your busy schedule. Then you should start trying by taking care of your body with little steps.

By changing your small habits day by day. You’ll definitely start seeing differences in your overall health including your mental health too. Try to develop your physical and mental health to survive the tiring routine of your busy lifestyle.

People now days have become health conscious and now are trying to build up and tone their physique. If you don’t get the time for gym and don’t have any gym equipment in your house. You should try with some normal exercise which will benefit you in so many ways. Use Areno Referral Code: A25I68 to get signup reward points.

Areno is an app which is designed just for body’s Fitness. There are so many challenges that you can complete and win daily points which you can redeem and can get exciting vouchers.

App NameAreno - Fitness & Challenges
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Referral CodeA25I68
Referral Bonus50 Points
Required OSAndroid 5.1 and up
Last Update29/8/2023




About Areno App

This AI-Powered app allows its user to win points by just doing some daily physical exercises.  You can do daily exercise with the help of this app. It will track all your exercises and after completing each one you earn points .

 You can redeem these points and get a voucher of  Rs.200 of Amazon, Zomato, Swiggy, Flipkart etc. which can help you a lot to maintain your expenses as well as your health too.

You can win daily points for your first exercise in Areno App. Also get the chance to maintain your streaks to win higher points. You can even invite your friends through a referral code and get more points on each referrals. You can also make your friends to join you in your exercise challenges and can win more than you have expected.

How to Join The exercises and win Points?

  • Join any exercise- You can join any exercise like push-ups, planks, squats, High knees etc. and do it while the app will track all your exercises.

  • Work Out– Do daily workouts and improve your health daily.
  • Win Daily- After completing every exercises get  daily points that you can redeem to get exciting vouchers.

Use Our Referral Code – 037N52 To get extra 50 points By Inviting your friends and family.

How To Download and Register on the Areno app?

Note: In the referral code section make sure to enter Areno Referral Code: A25I68 to get signup reward points.

  1. First Go to the official website of Areno app .
  2. Click on “Download From Play Store” if you are Android user.
  3. And if you are Apple user Click on “Download from App Store”.
  4. Or you can get it on  Play Store directly.
  5. Click on the download button.
  6. Install the app in your phone and Sign up with your Phone Number.
  7. Get OTP for verification of your number.
  8. Now enter your name, Height, weight and Date of Birth .
  9. Now enter the app interface and Fill other personal details.
  10. Set your Profile Picture.
  11. Choose any exercise Do it alone or with your friends to get more points.

How to Refer and Earn points?

  1. To refer the app to your friends and family.
  2. First Install Areno App .
  3. Go to the menu and then
  4. Click on the Refer and invite button.
  5. Copy the code and Invite your friends through social media.
  6. You both will get 50 points along with welcome bonus of 200 points.
  7. Redeem it to get vouchers of different brands.

How to Redeem points?

To redeem your Points, you can do private challenges and you can also invite anyone to take part in your daily challenges and get more points. Do daily Exercises and get paid daily.

Go in menu and you’ll see a redeem button you have to collect certain number of points to redeem each voucher. These vouchers are worth up to Rs. 500 of exciting brands like Zomato, Swiggy, Amazon, Flipkart, Paytm etc.


At Areno, Get paid to do daily workout. There is 100% security as no picture or videos of you are saved in the app. Start working out and start seeing results with Areno app. Set timer according to yourself first then do the daily challenges. No equipment is needed in the workout.

If you seek any kind of problem, then contact their helpdesk to get easy and quick solution. Download the app today to get daily gifts and points. Get best experience in fitness and daily exercise..


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