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Deccan Rummy APK Download

Want to earn some real cash???Then Deccan Rummy is for you, India’s Premium website to play rummy online offers a great chance to win real cash prizes. Playing rummy card game with a physical card deck is so outdated. Since the internet revolution, the rummy card game has moved online. Deccan Rummy brings to you an exciting platform to play classic rummy online games at the comfort of your home on your desktop/laptop/mobile devices. There are a million players who have played the card game on a daily basis and have won large amounts of cash prizes. We are passionate about delivering a superior rummy game experience at Deccan Rummy app. Experience the fun and excitement of playing a classic 13 cards game and also having a chance to win huge cash prizes. You can start playing at Deccan Rummy apk just by registering on the platform for Free just by entering a few basic details. You can download the android/iOS app and Play Rummy Online now.

APPDeccan Rummy
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Latest Update23 dec 2022

   Deccan Rummy APK Download

Types of Rummy Games

Points Rummy

The fastest rummy variant where the game just lasts for one deal, this serves as one of the quickest ways to earn real cash. Monetary value associated with each point is preset at the beginning. The player who finishes first wins the amount as (sum of points of all opponents) x (monetary value of 1 point).

Deals Rummy

The exhilarating rummy variant, where the number of deals (rummy game rounds) is preset at the beginning and the player with the maximum points at the end of all the deals, wins the game. We currently offer 2 player deal and 6 player deal as two variants of Deals Rummy.

Pool Rummy

This is an exciting rummy variant, where the upper limit (101/201) for the points is preset at the beginning. The sum of the fixed entry fee paid by the players forms the prize pool. The player who remains until the end without crossing the preset limit is the winner.

How To Download Deccan Rummy APK?

  • Open your web browser and visit the official website of  Deccan Rummy app or You can click here which will redirect you to the main website.
  • Now, download the app from their official website and install the application and open it.
  • Now, enter your mobile number for the sign-up process and click on Send OTP button. Enter the OTP (One Time Password) to complete your account verification and Click on the Verify OTP 
  • The main dashboard of  Deccan rummy app will be open on your Smartphone’s screen. Now, on the bottom bar, click on the Games tab.
  • Now, select Rummy from the Popular Games section. It will automatically redirect you to the deccan Rummy app.
  • Now, the main homepage of Deccan rummy  app will open on your screen where you can join various types of rummy contests and earn lots of real cash which you can instantly withdraw from your bank account.

Features of Deccan Rummy Mobile

  • Smooth Gaming Interface – Our mobile app is sleek and gives users a smooth and secure gaming experience. The Graphics are so real and vivid that will give you a real-time gaming experience.
  • Exclusive Promotions – With exclusive mobile-specific rewards and promotions available, you will always have chances to get rewarded in a big way. Download now and never miss a good deal or an offer.
  • Safe and Secure – Our Rummy Platform is 100% safe and secure. Deccan Rummy is an RNG-certified platform and offers secure payment options to ensure safe online transactions.
  • Easy withdrawal –
    After winning a considerable amount at the tables, use the redeem option available in the gaming profile to withdraw your winnings. One must have the KYC procedures verified before redeeming cash in online rummy.


Deccan Rummy has earned the reputation of one of the fastest and safest rummy platform in India. Seamless gaming interface, most rewarding rummy promotions, and fast withdrawal processing are the some of the USPs of our platform. Your search for the best rummy site ends with Deccan Rummy. Deccan Rummy game is a game of skill that is known to enhance the player’s cognitive ability and analytical skills. The thrill in reading opponent’s mind and the freshness it brings during every game are some of the big advantages of playing online rummy.

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