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What If I tell you that you can get paid just by sweating? Because Sweatcoin gives you this amazing feature in which you can earn money just by walking. The more you will walk the more you will get paid on the app through sweatcoins. These coins are same as other crypto currency like bitcoins, dashcoins etc.

How amazing is that, isn’t it ? That you can earn daily just by walking miles. This app is so good if you walk daily to office, college or any other place where you work. These distance that you walk daily can pay you a lot through Sweatcoins.

App's NameSweatcoin
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Size 204 MB
Version 134.O
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How does Sweatcoin app works?

Sweatcoin App

Well i have already told you little bit about Sweatcoin. In simple words Sweatcoin is an app which basically pays you to stay healthy and at the same time wealthy. Yes, you heard it write that you can earn money just by sweating through walking. These daily steps will be going to be so beneficial for you because you can maintain your fitness and as well as your bank account.

Sweatcoin is a new era’s currency which you can use to buy any product, or you can donate it to the charity directly through this app. Because Sweatcoin App not only want its own benefit but for its users and people around the world who really needs help.

 You just have to help by walking to be healthy and fit and also to save $billions in healthcare. Your movement has value: you deserve a share in it.

How To Spend Sweatcoins?

Enable Google Fit on the app or activate you location in your phone to get started . Walk and earn your coins everyday. The app will track all your movement and will convert it into sweatcoins. Spend your coins on the products of more than 1000 brands which allows you to spend your sweat coins on their products.

You can see your earnings above on the app’s interface and you can spend it through the app. It has  Buy anything and any services with it. From high-tech shoes to iPhones, anti-gravity yoga classes, Apple Watches and more!

Donate Your Sweatcoins

Walk and save lives of many people, earth and animals by earning on Sweatcoin app. Your small steps can save your planet and all the animals and children who are a victim of natural disaster and other calamities. Wal, Earn And Save . Become A Hero For many!!!!!

How To Download The Sweatcoin App?

  • Enter your user name.
  • After that you have to click on “Access Physical Activity”.
  • Enable Google Fit .
  • Complete three tasks everyday to win coins
  • The App will track all the steps and will change it into sweatcoins which you can spend on different products of any brand.


Sweatcoin App is a really smart app for this new generation. Where crypto currency is now known by every one . Sweatcoins give them opportunity to get these coins for free but just by walking everyday.

Your steps will be counted to get you paid these coins. Invite 5 friends and get 5 Sweatcoins for free. You can join clubs and can visit marketplace to trade. Sweatcoin is launching its NFTs  soon So you can try the app today to know more.

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